Flower Island is the first publication by photographer Olimpia Taliani de Marchio.

The book encompasses the visual universe of the artist, gathering a selection of images taken in recent years around the themes of female subjectivity, body and nature.

The idea of vulnerability as a transformative element of women is the common thread linking the visual elements of the project: portraits, self-portraits and floral shapes coexist and come into communication in a stream of timeless images evoking freedom to be, feel and act. 

Published by BilderAtlas.
Cureted by Giorgia Basch
Design: Jurgen Maelfeyt
Edit: Giorgia Basch, Jurgen Maelfeyt, Olimpia Taliani de Marchio
Words: Maddalena Iodice

Softcover in slipcase
accompanied by a set of two cards

96 pages
Swiss binding
Offset printed on Fedrigoni papers
Languages English, Italian
Format 26x20 cm
First edition of 250
Printed in Italy
February 2024
ISBN 978-88-947707-0-4

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